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What's in Civance?



Citicoline is the natural precursor of the major cell membrane phospholipid phosphatidylcholine. Given orally, citicoline is non-toxic and very well tolerated. 4 Citicoline (INN), also known as cytidine diphosphate-choline (CDP-Choline) or cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine is an intermediate in the generation of phosphatidylcholine from choline, a common biochemical process in cell membranes. Citicoline is naturally occurring in the cells of human and animal tissue, in particular the organs.
Although all forms of choline support acetylcholine production, citicoline has been uniquely found to also support the production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. And citicoline has the added advantage of supporting mitochondrial function and energy production in the brain


Support Healthy Cognitive Function

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